Orphaned SS396 Equipment

These may be build sheets, Protect-O-Plates, bills-of-sale, engine blocks with partial VINs, etc. found in the wrong car or a forgotten drawer, shoebox or garage and the person in possession of the item is looking for the owner of the car. The SS396 Registry will act as a go-between only. If you think you have the car that one of these items belongs to, contact me with your name & email address and I will forward that to the person that has the item(s). How you and the person having the item(s) resolve the issue is strictly between the two of you. Hopefully you can provide enough proof to show the item(s) is/are for your car and retrieve the treasure.

* November 30, 2020
Gentleman is seeking original 396 engines and Muncie transmissions for two 1967 SS396 Chevelles with partial VINs of K1351xx and K1820xx.

* July 18, 2020
Gentleman has 396 engine coded CTW and dates T1117. Only the last digits of the partial VIN are visible - 576 and it is from a 1970 El Camino. Looking for owner to return the original engine.

* January 10, 2019
Gentleman has engine, complete and running, for 1967 Chevelle with engine stamp T0109ET and partial VIN of 7A141975 looking to reunite with original car.

* June 13, 2016
I own a 68 Chevelle SS396 VIN 138378B192006, she is red with black vinyl top. Iíve been trying to do a history on her. Iím back to the last few owners but last owner won't tell me where or who he bought the car from. If you owned this car at one time I would love to make contact with you see any photos you may have any and any paperwork, etc. I do know the last owner Iím at is named Tom and lived in West Chicago IL. If you sold the car to a Tom, please contact me. Again this is just a history Iím doing to put in binder in back seat of the car for car shows.

* January 10, 2019
Gentleman has 1967 engine stamped T0109ET with partial VIN of 7A141975. Complete and running looking for owner of original car.

* June 7, 2017
Gentleman has build sheet for 1970 Chevelle VIN #136370L114458 looking for car's owner. Same gentleman is looking for his build sheet for VIN #136370L114374

* March 17, 2016
Gentleman looking for current owner of 1970 Chevelle VIN #1363701553335.

* January 16, 2016
Gentleman looking for any previous owner's and paperwork on his 1968 SS396, VIN #138378K226102.

* November 11, 2015
Gentleman looking for his family's 1970 SS396, red w/black D88 stripes, VIN #136370K152125.

* August 29, 2015
Gentleman looking for original 396 engine for 1967 SS396, VIN #138177Z159434.

* March 15, 2015
Gentleman looking for anyone with paperwork on a 1970 Z25 optioned Malibu sport coupe, VIN #136370A118873.

* March 24, 2013
Gentleman looking for original 396 engine and M21 transmission for his 1970 Canadian-built SS396 with engine stamp id of T0107CTX, sequence #531464.

* February 23, 2013
Gentleman has 1970 SS396 paperwork looking for current owner. Original window sticker, buyer's copy of order form, original brochure and colors brochure. Car is from Atlanta with sequence number 165694.

* June 7, 2012
Gentleman has 1966 L34 4-bolt main block looking for current car owner.  Block has partial VIN of 6B121316 and engine ID of T1120EF.

*  August 15, 2010
Gentleman has 1970 L78 block and heads looking for current car owner.  Block casting 3969854 dated August 5, 1969, heads dated November 3, 1969.
Engine pad - T1121CKO  10B122975

*  July 22, 2009
Gentleman has access to 1967 Baltimore L78 block looking for current car owner.
Engine pad - T0627EG  7B209524.

*  June 16, 2009
Gentleman has 1970 Kansas City L78 block looking for current car owner.
Engine pad - T1107CTY  10K131004  cast October 31, 1969

*  April 17, 2009
Gentleman has 1968 Fremont L78 block and parts and is looking for current car owner.
Engine pad - T0506EG  18Z155938
Engine block - casting #3935440 dated D 23 8 (April 23, 1968)
Cylinder heads - casting #3919840 dated D 18 8 and D 22 8
Distributor - number 1111170 dated 8 D 17