Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many 1970 SS396 convertibles were built?
A: There is no known breakdown of 1970 SS396 optioned Chevelles by body style or how many came with optional gear ratios, etc. and will probably never be known unless I can register and document all known 1970 SS396 convertible cars sold, which isn't in the realm of possibility for obvious reasons. See How Many SS396's Based On Body Style Were Sold? for more insight on SS396 numbers vs. body styles.

Q: Didn't all SS396 cars have gauges and a tachometer?
A: No. The Instrument Panel Gauges, or Special Instrumentation, sold under RPO U14 was always an option regardless of year.

Q: Is my SS396 real?
A: This can be tricky at best.  To some, 'real' means the car has the correct and original engine it was born with and can be matched to some form of documentation. To some, it means if the documentation says it was born with the SS396 option, it doesn't (relatively) matter that the engine has been replaced for one reason or another; whether by a dealer under warranty or an over-avid enthusiast 'back-in-the-day' due to out of warranty breakage. Consider if the car has a warranty engine with CE code 396 engine, but has documentation that is original to the car as noted by the VIN sequence and other information of the sheet matching the trim tag.

As far as the SS396 Registry is concerned, correct and valid documentation is the primary objective in the registry, not current engine.